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Friday, June 10, 2022



It was a cool, sundry autumn day when Candice is fuming
over the traffic jam. Well, why not? It is the first day of
class and she is running late. Her mind is rushing over
the next episode within this hour! She is utterly late for
she lives now in the outermost suburb where the traffic
is a daily occurence.

At last, she arrived to school and with great courage brave
the back side of the room. No, please do not look! But the
professor was kind of amazed at her bravado on the first day.
After the lecture, she approached the teacher to list her long
litany of apologies. Gladly, the teacher was kind that she
felt comfortable instead of bearing the guilt!

On the second week, she barely finish her assignment but she
read at least. "I am at the back, there is a great possibility
that I will not be called, chuckled Candice." Guess what,
she was the second person to be callled. Her tounge almost
froze but with grace was able to answer the question.

On the third week, she is confident that she will not be called!
Poor Candice... She was called, she almost forgot the answer,
so she rephrase the question and asked for God's help. Her
prayer was answered, she got it right, spot on! The teacher
was happy but he never knew that Candice almost melted
at that moment.

On the fourth week, Candice prepared well for her assignment.
Well, no more nerves, she even raises her hand. What a tragedy,
she was not called at all! She muses, "I have boiled the lamp-oil
last night, but never mind...I will study every week.

Let me describe her professor! He knew the Scripture back to back,
just like a walking Concordance. He has some sort of quick psychology,
he knows who did not do the assigment. Candice regretted the two weeks
of meandering. She said, "God, please forgive me for relaxing too much.
Please give me the grace to be vigilant about my studies."

At the moment, she is keeping well. The professor gave her a lesson.

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