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Monday, February 28, 2022



One summer, when the wind breeze slightly scorched my bare hands,
I traveled to one of the most beautiful paradise island I have ever seen.
While on ship, I was looking forward to see my cousin whom I haven't
seen since my birth because we lived in the city while she lived in
a far-away island.  The ship passed by Rollo island whose waves are
famed for its height and tempest!  I almost threw-up but thanks to
Dad who consoled me during that time.

Then the ship "Pearl of the Orient" docked in Danielle Harbor and I could
not believe the number of people who travelled that summer.  My Dad
who is always pragmatic and logical led me to a way so as not to bump
with the rogues and undesirables since I was about seventeen years old
that year, blooming and full of life!

We rode a bus and I missed Mum who did not go with us because of her
business in our home city.  I missed my brother, James who does not run
out of antics back home.  Well, of course  I missed my sisters who are like
Tres Marias, always asking who is the most beautiful of the three of them.
They are silent when I say jokingly, "It's me!"  Nevertheless, my Dad stopped
the bus and I woke up from my mesmerising thoughts.

Here she is, Helena was there!  My favorite cousin, about three years older
than myself.  I shouted, "Helena, how are you?"  I recognize her because of
the pictures Dad showed me before.  Helena responded, "Hyacinth, how
you have grown so fair and bubbly!"  With modesty, I told her, "Quiet,
Helena, others may hear and they may not realise you are joking!"  Helena
responded, "I was wondering you still not even have a boyfriend (whispering).
I replied, "That's what Dad knows!  Keep quiet, I will tell you at your place!"
And we both giggled that Dad grimaced, for he is an honorable man.  He hates

Helena takes care of my grandpa who is about 100 years old.  Grandpa is already
senile and he talks and talks and talks!  Helena has a lot of suitors but never plan
to marry, yet.  She always thinks about Grandpa's plight. 

How would I describe my cousin?  She is tanned, with big, beautiful brown eyes
while I got those doe, almond eyes, how I wish I had those big eyes, so attractive!
She is tall and smart-looking.  She is never domineering and she spoils me a lot.

Then, we went to the beach!  I know how to swim yet at that age, I was curious to
go to a slightly deeper area.  Suddenly, I felt my legs cramped and there was some
sort of force pulling me down!  I shouted, "Helena help me!"  Helena did not wast time,
she jumped to the water and risked her life to save me.  O' Cousin, I forgot to
tell you that there's some sort of a whirlpool close to that area.  I was busy talking
with Nena about our welcome party for you and Dad this weekend.  I replied, "Helena,
it was my fault, I went to a deeper area." 

Helena showed me the poem that I composed for Dad when I was about 10 years old.
She said, "I kept this poem that you composed for Uncle and I will keep this forever!"
I coaxed, "Are you that sentimental?" 

That's my cousin, Helena---the warm, sentimental, brave and compassionate cousin I
ever know, simple and beautiful of heart.  She is now living in US.  Helena, hope we
will meet again!

Morale:  Some people are just normally loving and compassionate!  When you meet them,
they enrich your life and they become a part of your very being.

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