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Thursday, January 19, 2023


Once there was a poor woman who offered lodging to a passing soldier.In return, he offered her three eggs.The woman did not cook the eggs, but decided to hatch them instead. From the eggs,three red roosters hatched.The poor woman, when they grew big took them to the market and sold them. With that money, she bought pigs.. When the pigs were grown, she sold them for a goat, then the goat for a calf and the calf for an ox. Finally, she had enough money to buy some land. A few years later, the same soldier passed by and asked for refuge in the night. The woman gladly welcomed him and gave him the happy news about her fortune. "When you were last here, you gave me three eggs. I will never forget, what a good fortune that brought it to me." The good old woman made him a sumptuous meal and told him her story.She gave him a tour of her large fields,with ripe carrots,tomatoes and other vegetables growing, and her herds of cattle. The soldier stayed almost a week in the woman's house, and she treated him like family. Sometime after he left, the woman began getting notices to appear in the Court. She finally walked five hours to town.The Soldier was waiting for her at the Courthouse. He told her that because he gave her three eggs, she was no longer poor but amassed a lot of wealth. He demanded a share of her wealth. The woman told the Judge that the Soldier was wrong." He did not give me rooster,but only the eggs.!" But Soldier argued ,"Did not those eggs give you all that you have now ?" The woman hired a lawyer and the battle continued between the Soldier and the woman. She was so much tired from the Court battle that she was almost ready to give up half of her wealth to the soldier. A few days before the final decision was to be made, an old beggar knocked at the woman's door.He asked her something to eat. "Charity for an old man." The woman replied that she was not giving out charity. "I do not know what will bring out tomorrow.." She also told him about the fight in the Court about the property. Then the beggar told her not to worry. She scoffed at his words, but gave him some rice and beans. He told her to eat well and rest before she goes to the Court next day and he would wait for her at the Courthouse . He promised to help her. The old man was there as promised. The lawyers of both side went on and on for a long time and finally the old man cried out to the Judge that he came to hear the Verdict. The Judge asked him why this old man was interested in the case and the verdict. The beggar replied,"This good old woman offered me charity of rice and beans. I saved the beans to plant after, after eating the rice. I have space in a field a friend saved for me for planting the beans. I want to know if it is worth it to plant the beans." Everyone laughed.The Judge asked, "What is this,cooked beans being planted ?" The beggar replied, "Thank You. When this good woman told me the court believed that eggs could produce pigs, goats and eventually land. I thought I should also make the effort. After all, if the eggs can give that, what can the beans do ?" Everyone in the Court cheered. The Judge dismissed the case and the woman won the case. ... by George Kurian (Thanks to our former Chief Editor, the late George Kurian for this beautiful story with moral) New World

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