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Saturday, June 5, 2021

To be forewarned is to be forearmed: Reflection by Cynthia Abegail.

The eternal things:  heaven and hell

Many people doubt the existence of hell.  As everyone is given a free will to make a choice, one may choose what is appropriate for him or her.   On the other hand, there were many attestations by Saints themselves of the reality of heaven and hell.  St Faustina of the Divine Mercy has written her encounters with it.  

Whether we believe or not is up to us.  It is better to be forewarned as to know the course of action.  As Blaise Pascal has said, rewording it:  “If we believe in God, nothing will be bad for us, it may be even beneficial if we realise it’s true.  On the other hand, if people do not believe and they found out that God truly exists, it would be a great loss for them.”

Believing in the existence of heaven and hell is important because it could lead to a conviction of doing God’s will.  Knowing that Gehenna is not necessarily a pleasing place, full of worms and fire “an imagery” that only those who has gone there would experience it, it maybe a starting point of conversion!  As we are made in the image of God, there is a natural repulsion for something that is not beautiful and that is not comfortable!  On earth, we do not like a place that is too hot, maybe a lot of wailing and grinding of teeth, maybe a place of swirling worms: it gives us dread and chills.  How much more with hell?

Therefore anyone who likes bliss in eternity, God gives us option to choose the good to be with Him forever when our time comes!  Well, we have to choose wisely because eternity is not only a long time but it’s forever!   Unending fire, unending pain!  We may like bliss, happiness and joy with our Creator instead!  It’s a choice, but choose early.  The time is now, because death comes like a thief...

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