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Saturday, April 10, 2021

WHIRLWIND OF THE HEART; Poem by Cynthia Abegail

(This is a love poem dedicated for our
valued readers, young and old alike.)


The other day as I ponder the love
That I bear you is like a whirlwind
It encircles as if joy is like a shield
As if the water never ebbs; rises.
Like a nectar that subdues craves
As gentle stream twisted O' thirst
Like the rain that moistens ground
As the scented bee that traps me!
Unlike the tsunami, it's not raging,
It's calm and mild; soothing as ice!
But it's warm that I do not shiver
Moderate that I'm free as ever--
It goes around just like in dancing,
Of Spanish waltzes not demeaning
As heart bounces in a whirlwind
O' -- world so colorful and breezy.
Needless to say, you are precious
As a jewel that shines in the dark
Who is this that cause whirlwind
Beyond O' shore, by my dreams.

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

(A VERY BEAUTIFUL POEM INDEED, CYNTHIA. CONGRATULATIONS. GEORGE KURIAN).  George was the former editor of New World.  He passed away; a good and honourable man).  

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