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Sunday, May 14, 2023



Aboard the ship, along the rocky seas
Gaze at leeward side, rock open gales
Princess of Orient roars and bounces
Mirth in the breeze as shore awaits---

The island vies with beauty that abounds
Not only by waters but across the land--
The plumes of the birds that fly and arise
Rainbow in colour, a delight for my eyes!

Rocks of granite, quite basalt as O' dawn
Arrayed in pathway as I enter and swoon
Entered the nipa hut so tender and frail,
Come with me as the scent of nard bells!

Do you like to see volcano near the mount?
Simmering smoke shoots as a spoiled child!
Elegant in bearing, boiling, brash not cool
As it spews hot; a fiery furnace red as bull...

Have I seen the paradise near a waterfall?
Gushes not trickles the water as if a wall
O' beauty, never will I be in want again--
A spectacle that lasted a lifetime of rain!

Camiguin island, thus carries its name,
Holiday etched; the wonder of a place
On the eastern side of sea at its byways
Come, fulfill the yearning of the days!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail
( Another beautiful gem for New World. The island has beauty everywhere, though there is a volcano the Poetess finds the island as a paradise with beauty around. A marvellous Poem. Thanks)New World

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