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Wednesday, February 24, 2021



It was one pensive afternoon and Lily was preparing
her reflections for the week. Suddenly, a man of
somewhat Polish descent bothered her stillness
and calm. "Hi, I am Fr. Vhok, new in the parish and
I realise you are leading a group here. Sorry, to bother
you but I would like to introduce myself to the
community." Lily replied, "That's alright Fr., I have
heard that you are the new Asst. Priest. The admin
were all praises about you. "O, I'm just an ordinary
old bloke, see you around," Fr Vhok replied.

Jenny and Lily were curious about this new priest.
He delivers deep sermons, not casual but really
the ones which have class of it's own. He is quite
bald at the back of his head, so they thought he
must have studied so much in the seminary.

Once, Lily had a close encounter with the popular priest
and now she understands why. Fr. Vhok is sincere, down
to earth unlike other people who could be in the ivory tower
or in a pedestal. What more, he had that sense of humor
that will let you burst into laughter.

On one occasion, a gathering with the South Americans
was held. Guess what, Fr. Vhok knows how to dance the
Brazilian dance and all of them just laughed with all delight.
He knows how to adapt to all level of people and he does not
think that he is better than anyone else.

When Lily meet him anywhere, he had that childish but
polite smile of a friend. Everyone is comfortable with
the new priest. He is a man for the people and he exudes
a humility that is beyond understanding for a man trained
in the highest institution of learning in Theology, with honors.

Lily and her friends enjoyed working with the cool, bright
and caring priest. Then, it's time for Lily to move to another
parish. He is one of the people she is going to miss because
she grew up spiritually with Fr. Vhok, a true man of God!
There are many of them, but Lily thinks Fr. Vhok is one of a
kind. How he leads people to heaven!
All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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