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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Act of Solidarity during the flood/ Thanks be to God: A Short Story by Naty MEJIA


Short Story of Naty Mejia

Thanks from New World

It had been raining for days in Balanga, Bataan, Philippines.  At that time, my children are in grade school and my youngest one is in Kinder.  It was a difficult time because my husband is working overseas and I do not have a helper or even a housekeeper.  I was the only one at home with my children.

As we are just new in our neighbourhood in our newly-built home, our good neighbours warned me that there might be a flood.  Hence, I must be prepared, they advised!

I went out to buy necessities such as candles, batteries and the most important was food in this calamity.

By 3 pm, the water began entering the garage, so I hurriedly put the table for my seven small pet dogs just in case the water enter our terrace.  Yes, and the flood entered our home.  With anxiety, there’s nothing we can do but pray! 🙏

It was a great blessing that there were lady agents living in the next house who promptly helped us.  When they saw the dogs swimming out of the gate, they frantically jumped in the water and got the dogs!  What kind and golden-hearted people!

The neighbours across our house threw a long rope unto our house.  Then, they tied it to a sturdy post.  They rescued us and told us with empathy to transfer temporarily to their house as it has a second floor.

I will never forget this act of solidarity and kindness of my neighbours.  One will realise that we need one another; no man is an island!

Most of all, I would like to thank the Lord for His everlasting goodness and mercy.  God is always here with us and send us help through good people.  Thank you Lord forever and ever!  We love you ♥️♥️♥️.

(Thank you Naty for this beautiful and touching story about your experience with the flood.  Superb!). Cynthia Abegail for New World

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