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Friday, January 27, 2023

For Mama: Poem by Tahl MEJIA-Gopez


       For Mama

In my omniscient wholeness
I discern your dull brokenness,
your slashed womb where blood oozed
as I was let loose,

(picture of Tahl’s mother, Naty Jesusa)

your disfigured breast
where milk squirted as I was being fed
your hardened heart
where tears rolled
as I was growing old
your oppressed hand
where veins showed as I searched the world
In my dull wholeness
I behold your omniscient brokenness is.

(Touching and beautiful poem from our new Poetess from the Philippines.  Welcome Tahl).  Cynthia Abegail for New World.

All rights reserved: 
Tahl MEJIA Gopez

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