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Thursday, June 2, 2022

What is apparent is not real: Short Story by Cynthia Abegail

 Tara, a beautiful name, yet with a negative tinge, is my bubbly and talented friend who loves to write on the Internet.  She has a penchant for trolling and I may say likes to have friends all over the world.

Once, a very interesting gentleman befriend her.  Unknowingly, she was charmed by his sweet words and they became good friends.   Months and months, she became deeply attached to the man that she always waits for his response in the net.  Oh, no!  She began to fell in love with this stranger.

She mused, “I never realise that a long communication could trigger some strange feelings.”  Later, she observe that this man has a lot of excuses.  She thought that he maybe not the person he is posing to be.  On the other hand, she was powerless.  Her feelings got hold of her and she continue to communicate.

At certain times, she become sad because the man wrote her less and less frequently.   She thought, “He might just be busy.”  She allowed herself to be like a moron waiting and waiting till their communication becomes weekly and later monthly.

The man told her that he is getting married.  It was devastating to Tara.  She kept her tears and tried to be brave.  All the while Tara thought that Matthew has feelings for her because of the way he talked with her and with the attention he lavished on her.  Days passed by and she became quite depressed.  

Tara is the type of a woman not to be down all of the time.  She pride in herself as an accomplished woman.  Yet, this is different, her heart is involved.

It takes months for her to come to her senses and recover.  Finally, she decided to give up thinking about the man.  She thought that if the person is deceptive, he is not worth keeping.  Aside from that, he did not care about Tara’s feelings.  He bragged about his new girl that Tara seems to feel abject and dejected.  

However Tara is bright!  She knew that this kind of man has to be taught a lesson.  It seems she is saying, “I thought you care but you never did.  It was all a false display of affection.  You ruined my trust.  Goodbye, I will erase you from all of my memories.  It seems you were a figment of my imagination.”

Tara felt so good to have escaped from the imaginary clutches of this man.  Her heart and mind was free.  She is now free from this stranger.  She thanked God that it’s over!  She said to herself, “What is apparent is not real.  I have to be careful not to fall into this trap again.”

Thank you Tara for sharing to us your story.  Women, be careful on the net!  You will never know what is behind this cyber-age!  Be smart and reject the advances of cunning and deceptive people.  

Praise the Lord!

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