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Friday, March 10, 2023

Stand Still! Reflection by Jane Pimenta of Prayer Aid

 Now then, stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes! Is 12:16

Stand Still!  In every situation of life that is all the Lord wants us to do.   Surrender, be at peace He is working it out.  His time is not our time…His ways our higher than ours He says to us.  Our faith always touches the heart of God, He will send help, He will give us solutions.  The difficulty for us,  is to stand still.  We work so hard to get what we want, we try to make things happen, we are discouraged when they don’t.  The result of this is restlessness, discouragement, sadness that destroys our peace.  It is difficult, to experience something and not move to act – at these very moments God is saying “stand still, give this to Me, let Me move you forward”  Again I say, it is not easy to say “I accept Your will Jesus”  Dear Friends, yet, this is the only way, and we will see things move in our favour gradually.  (and we grow in our faith)

(Thanks Jane for this powerful reflection on the importance of being Still!  Yes, sometimes it may be difficult to let go and let God.  But as you mentioned, this is the only way.  Let us be still and wait on God, and His will.  For nothing is impossible for those who believe in God). Cynthia Abegail for New World.

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