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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Adoration due to God alone!

 Adoration is a strong word!   There is nothing to be adored in the heavens or on the earth but God alone.  God must be the centre of our attention at all times whether Holy Week or Easter, but all of the time.

Only One to be worshipped and that is God alone.  Why?  It’s not only because He help us all the time, He save us from the pit, but because God created us.  He provides for all of our needs!  Gratitude O’ gratitude should be the one we utter from day to day.  Because we can’t do anything but to thank Him for His goodness and mercy all the days of our lives.

Cynthia Abegail



I claim protection of the precious blood of Jesus on me and on (persons concerned). In the name of Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, I cast out the evil spirit of (anger, jealousy, hatred, gluttony, alcoholism, pride, watching TV, etc.) from this person. Let the Holy spirit come upon you and transform everything around you. 0 Lord Jesus, send your Holy Spirit upon this person and transform his/her life into your image and likeness and change his/ her problems, difficulties and weak-nessess for his/her favour and for your glory and the greater glory of your Father. Follow this prayer by Free Praise using the gift of tongue or use Alleluia praise.
(Thanks to Rev Fr Jose Vettiyankal for this powerful deliverance prayer from any evil
spirit of bondage.  This could be prayed by any lay person anytime and could be prayed
daily for purification and in the name of Jesus Christ.  A very important prayer!)
New World

Jesus Christ, the Son of God


Vigilance in Prayer by Cynthia Abegail

 If there is something that we have to do the most in this world is prayer.  Prayer work wonders.  As the Lord assured that even a faith as small as a mustard said, one can do almost impossible things as uprooting a tree and transferring it to the sea!

Brothers and sisters, this is the crucial time to pray especially in a pandemic aside from following the rules of our nation (which is important and imperative).

Let us beg God today to help us get out this plague.  This is a plague that have affected millions of people.  It’s not an ordinary one and it’s a serious matter.

Let us be on our knees and cry out to the Only hope.  Lord, have mercy!  🙏🙏🙏




God’s Protection


Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Kind Words: Picture


                               THIS PRAYER IS AN EFFECTIVE BLESSING;
                     IT EMANATES FROM THE WORD OF GOD!
                    THANKS TO FB.  NEW WORLD


If the world is hungry, I would not ask you for food, for the world
and everything in is mine.  Do I eat the flesh of bulls or drink the blood
of goats?  Let the giving of thanks be your sacrifice to God, and give
the Almighty all that you promised.  Call to me when trouble comes;
I will save you and you will praise me.  Ps 50: 12-15

The essence of these verses sums up to sovereignty of God Almighty.
Men are invited to comprehend his nothingness before God.  He
alone is to be worshipped forever!

As an employee, we do our duties faithfully.  How much more with
our Creator and the Source of everything.  Our duty is to praise
God forever in gratitude.  When we promise to God anything, we
also try to keep our promise.  God is holy, always faithful and true.
In the same way, we must try in our own limitations to keep our
promises to God and to man.  We will fail at times, but we just keep
on trying.

Cynthia Abegail Bernardo


(The following are really like gems. Most valuable)
(New World Publications)
When All Else Fails
I've wandered and search but I never found myself
 I've tried my best but I never found success
 I've asked for help but I never found a friend
I gave my heart but I never found love
I cried and cried but the tears have dried
 I've slept and dreamt but no angel appeared
 I've been alone and on my own
 My heart never found a home
 I seek for light but darkness prevailed
 I've knelt and prayed but still my life is like an empty space a never ending maze...
I almost lost all hope
 But my heart reach out for the Lord
 I have just to get up whenever I fall down and believe
 He'll always be around.

All rights reserved: Jeramaine Ilago republished


Abraham G   awarded Journalist of the Decade on New World’s Anniversary 15 June 2021.  Congratulations Abraham G

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Monday, December 5, 2022

Colourful View: Picture



It was dawn. Sun's golden rays came through the window and competed with the cool breeze to embrace me. I was going to sleep more but I did not feel wasting the beautiful morning by lazily lying in the bed with day dreaming. After a few moments, I got out of my bed and put my sandals and walked into the garden, adjacent to my house. My long white gown had covered half of my legs and was a perfect match for my black pants, I thought.
The newly blossomed rose and jasmine flowers added beauty to the garden along with many white and yellow tulips. Dews were falling down from the leaves and squirrels were jumping from branches to branches.
The sweet smell of rose and jasmine flowers had spread and covered the entire garden.The red roses were very attractive and I tenderly touched some of them. All of a sudden,I felt an urge to pluck some of them. I did not hesitate, sure enough,I plucked some of them.
Alas! I felt a pain on my fingers and I realized that the thorns of the Rose plants had pierced through my fingers. The blood spread on my gown and suddenly I felt angry. With great annoyance, I threw the flowers on the ground and when I walked, unintentionally my sandals crushed those flowers. I felt a little agitated but I could not do anything at that point and so I continued to walk.
Momentarily I heard a cry and a sob. When I looked back, I knew the Rose plants were crying and sobbing.I was puzzled but did not want to ask them anything. Next day morning was also very beautiful and I visited the garden again. That morning, the garden was decorated with more flowers and more serenity had filled the air. The beauty of the garden and the sweet smell of the flowers made me very happy. I saw a few girls walking ahead of me happily talking.

Their long black hair was adored with red rose flowers. Oh! what a great beauty has been added with those flowers, I thought. I had forgotten the previous day's incident and without any hesitation, my hands stretched to pluck some flowers. All of a sudden I saw some changes in the rose plants. They stopped dancing anymore and started to cry.

I could not realize what was happening. I turned towards them and asked,"what is happening.Why are you crying ?"
They answered: "you are again trying to pluck our flowers, right ?"
 I answered, "Yes. Why, is it a mistake what I am doing ?"
"Surely. You are doing a wrong thing" 
 I asked them in a soft voice. "If I am doing something wrong, what did those girls walking ahead of me do? They plucked many of your flowers and they are on their hair. What about that.?"
The answer surprised me" Yes,they have done a fine job. Wearing the flowers on their hair makes them look more beautiful and so many people could enjoy the beauty of those flowers. surely, people appreciate . What you did was plucking the flowers and throwing them on the road and crushing them with your sandals without any concern of their beauty! The people came after you also crushed them without any mercy !!If you had not plucked them,people would have appreciated their beauty and enjoyed the sweet smell,even if our flowers had a very short life."
 My hands withdrew automatically. At that moment I found a great truth of life. Even if a life is for a short period only, it should be useful and beneficial to others and not to be crushed mercilessly and uselessly.
Written by George Kurian-copy rights with the author.
(Thanks to our Chief Editor, George Kurian for this beautiful and very meaningful short story). New World

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My help comes from the Lord


Holy Spirit, Thou art Welcome: Reflection by Cynthia Abegail

The Holy Spirit is in our midst!   We need to invoke the Holy Spirit in our lives.  It is a great promise.  The Holy Spirit is the Comforter and the Consoler.

God, in the Holy Trinity is always knocking on our doors.  But, we need to welcome and open our hearts to the Holy Spirit.  Just like in the Hymn, “Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome.”  As we welcome the Holy Spirit, our life change.  In a sense, when we have the Holy Spirit in us, who can be against us?  God is our Shield, our Fortress and Deliverer.  Amen