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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Quote from St Theresa of Avila

ST JOSEPH, THE JUST ( A Great Saint)

St Joseph, pray for all of us!  In Jesus Name, Amen


guardian angel photo: guardian angel guardian-angel.jpg

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New World

The day could bring unexpected circumstances and twists.
Daily, invoke for the help of your guardian angel in
all things.  Guardian angels are given to us by God
Almighty for protection, guidance and for unity.
On the other hand, one must activate this gift by
invocation by heart and by words!

My guardian angel dear to whom God
commits me near, be ever be at my side
to light and guard, to rule and guide.

Strange land formation from Pininterest

Strong in the Lord: Ephesians 6

"Let the mighty strength of the Lord make you strong.  Put on all the armor that God gives, so you can defend yourself."  (Eph 6: 10-11).

First, put on the belt of truth which keeps you safely on the right path.  Of course, truth is absolute!  There is no slight truth or somewhat truth.  The truth is in the Word of God.  Anything that is not validated by God and of the Church Tradition is not the truth.  This is why we have to listen to what Scripture and what the Church is teaching us.  It contains the truth which prevents us from wayward path.

Second, as the truth set us free, the next garb of the spiritual armor is the breastplate of righteousness.  This aspect of the armor protects our hearts and souls from sin.  We have to avoid the exposure to sin.  Let us avoid the occasion of sin, eg pornography.  We can commit sin when our eyes are exposed to the viciousness of lust which may overcome us.  Therefore, keep away from those things which may corrupt our eyes lest we fall by our own consent.

Third, as we ask the grace of God to keep us pure, the next part of the armour is the helmet of salvation.  It safeguards our mind with God's great promises.  Read the Holy Bible daily.  Let us go to Mass as much as we can, let us pray and have quiet time with the Lord as we wake up and before we go to sleep.  It keep us grounded and recharged with God's promises and of His love.

Thus, keeping our communication with God restores our spiritual health.  The next part of the armour is the shield of faith.  Let us trust in the Lord!  Not easy, but with great confidence, believe that nothing is impossible for Him.

Finally, the sword of the Spirit is our defensive weapon.  In temptation, utter a verse in Scripture.  It will make you strong.  Why?  Because the Word of God cuts through and separate the essential and nonessential!  It is powerful because it is the Word of the Almighty!  You have to believe in it, it's not magic or incantation.  It's simply the Word of our Amazing and Awesome God!  Who can contend with the Almighty?  Unrivaled in all ways...

Praise God in the highest heavens!  In Jesus Name.  Amen

Ref.  Bethany House. Moments of Peace for the Morning.


                            UNPARALELLED BEAUTY



I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.” Jer.31:3

Every lasting love, no less! In every situation His love is there, it will never be taken away no matter what the condition of our hearts.

In all that we will face today, God is calling us to believe that it is because He loves us. If it is joy, peace and love – it is God’s love for us. If it is sadness, worry and rejection, let us not give into it, for that is not from Him. Satan tries to steal what God gives us.

God’s love is steadfast, and will never change. God is never moody with us; there is nothing, absolutely nothing He will not do for us, so let us continue to be faithful to Him trusting that everything will fall into place in His own time. He will leave nothing unattended. God loves you, enjoy life and shed your burden!  by Jane Pimenta
(Thanks Jane for this reminder on how God loves all with an everlasting love.  God
reaches out to everybody, yet it is up to the person to respond positively to God's offer of love!  Excellent).  New World
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(This short Story is being republished as we feel that is good for the present time) New World
It was a few moments after midnight, when a bright light in the shape of a white cloud dashed through the middle of the sky. Most of the people on Earth were sleeping except some stargazers and wanderers. Some thought it was a shooting Star, while others thought it was a UFO. The light circled around the Earth and out of it came the face of an angel.
Looking at the heaven, the angel cried out,"Oh! my Father Almighty. I cannot endure the sight on earth anymore. The bloodshed in the name of God and religion is unbearable.
Tears rolled down on his innocent face.
GOD replied, My dear angel,if you connot bear it, how much can I endure ?
After all, I have created the heaven and earth and later the man, who destroys one another with no respect and knowledge of the value of one's life.
"Father,may I do something to save them ?" The angel asked.
"Yes,my angel,make it a mission on earth to save man from destruction. Now fly West. There you will find a boy under a tree on the bank of Hudson River,in New York, USA not far from the site of 9/11.You will see him holding the "GREAT BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE". Read along with the boy and follow its contents."
"Yes my Father." angel replied.
The angel flew West and found the boy on the bank of Hudson River who appeared to be homeless.
" I am ready to read the" GREAT BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE",my dear child. What is your name ?" The angel asked.
"People call me different names. You are an angel, right ?"The boy asked
"Yes how did you know that ?" The angel was surprised.
"Because, I possess the "GREAT BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE". Now let us read the book"
The boy opened up the first page. It was empty and void!
The angel wondered why it was so.
The boy smiled and replied,"In the beginning,everything was empty and void.Right?"
"Right. As it is in the book of Genesis."
The next page was about a scientific theory namely 'THE BIG BANG.'
The boy said, "The scientists are unable to answer the question,what went'BANG' and where it came from. Man did not appear on earth by random chance but by the creation of GOD.
The next page was about the self-glorification of man.
The boy told, "Whatever man tries to achieve at the expense of his fellow man for power and self-glorification is unethical and immoral. That is a real Sin.His act will not last very long.Do you remember the story of Alexander The Great?
After conquering the whole World,Alexander fell ill. Prior to his death, he instructed his servants to put his empty hands outside the coffin to declare the whole world that even though Alexander won the whole world, he could not take anything with him, when he left his abode.
"A great lesson for mankind.!" The angel said.
The next page opened up.
" Man cannot see GOD but can feel HIS presence at every moment.To love one another is not a theme of the past but a maxim for the present and the future. After all, GOD loves man and forgives his sins."
At this instance, the angel recognizing who really the boy is, bent down before HIM and said,"OH! my FATHER! You are are always Great. Kindly guide me to help man to open his eyes to make this world a peaceful and loving one for all.
"Start your mission, angel. Let man not hide or pretend. Let him stop fighting on the very floor of his worship. He should open up his heart and love one another and make everyone's life meaningful. Let us hope that this is the dawn of a new beginning in the life of man. If he is sincere, he can bring heaven to earth, otherwise he will bring hell.
BY GEORGE KURIAN (Copy righted story) republished
A brilliant short story! Thanks New World

A Warm Smile: Picture

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Aboard one's life, not perfect and stray,
All fall short and miss the mark at bay
No other gods before me, no idols lay
Thine commandment at Sinai I weigh...
Forgive me Lord, sometimes weak---

As the eyes and heart revel so bleak,
Gaze at fanciful reality, icing so sweet
Promises illusions, then feast not fast!
Swirled by the breeze of raw devotion,

Blinded by reverie, starlight oblivion
Hid from the truth for it will set free,
A slave to a bondage that reels glee!
Only Thee is the vision of eternity--

With tears woke up dreams of vanity,
Thy love searched for me in gulley
Downtrodden on tracks and canny!
Only Thee is the First and the Last,

Should quest of life not wary and rust
Emblazon my heart, yet trip and cast
Coming back, thanks Lord at the dusk!

Hold my weary hands and boon heart,
Caught me as an eagle swoop at nest
Reddish wounds dried and then blest
Thine touch revives my spirit O' zest.
No more idols, no more flimsy views

No more gods, no more daring mews
Thine grace is enough, gifts so much
Thine love suffices, mercy and solace!
All rights reserved: Maria Cassia Austero


                                                       Thanks to FB for this gentle reminder
                                                        about the value of giving Thanks to
                                                        Almighty God in the name of Jesus!



I told GOD: Let all my friends be healthy and happy forever...!
GOD said: But for 4 days only....!
I said: Yes, let them be a Spring Day, Summer Day, Autumn Day, and Winter Day.
GOD said: 3 days.
I said: Yes, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
GOD said: No, 2 days!
I said: Yes, a Bright Day (Daytime) and Dark Day (Night-time).
GOD said: No, just 1 day!
I said: Yes!
GOD asked: Which day?
I said: Every Day in the living years of all my friends!
GOD laughed, and said: All your friends will be healthy and happy Every Day!
Send this to your friends and bless them with good health and happiness...
Pass on the warmth despite the ever-changing weather...
GOD said Good friends must keep in touch.

Waiting on God: Reflection by Cynthia Abegail

All of us had an experience of praying to God.  There are times that our prayers are not yet answered but most of them had been.  Yes, there are times we almost lost hope for it may have been long already that it seems dry and almost never-ending despair.

Waiting is not easy!  As you can see, if one is at the end of the queue, that one seems to like to jump to the front.  If you are waiting in a bank, and the teller seems socialising with a client, you seem have smoke in your head, about to simmer!

But, waiting on God is different!  We are waiting on the answer of our Awesome God.  We have to be silent in awe.  If one has great faith, waiting for years is not an issue.  Focus on worshipping God and you will not be disappointed.

Praise God forever and ever!

St Anthony of Padua: A Saint Graced by Miracles



It was dawn. Sun's golden rays came through the window and competed with the cool breeze to embrace me. I was going to sleep more but I did not feel wasting the beautiful morning by lazily lying in the bed with day dreaming. After a few moments, I got out of my bed and put my sandals and walked into the garden, adjacent to my house. My long white gown had covered half of my legs and was a perfect match for my black pants, I thought.
The newly blossomed rose and jasmine flowers added beauty to the garden along with many white and yellow tulips. Dews were falling down from the leaves and squirrels were jumping from branches to branches.
The sweet smell of rose and jasmine flowers had spread and covered the entire garden.The red roses were very attractive and I tenderly touched some of them. All of a sudden,I felt an urge to pluck some of them. I did not hesitate, sure enough,I plucked some of them.
Alas! I felt a pain on my fingers and I realized that the thorns of the Rose plants had pierced through my fingers. The blood spread on my gown and suddenly I felt angry. With great annoyance, I threw the flowers on the ground and when I walked, unintentionally my sandals crushed those flowers. I felt a little agitated but I could not do anything at that point and so I continued to walk.
Momentarily I heard a cry and a sob. When I looked back, I knew the Rose plants were crying and sobbing.I was puzzled but did not want to ask them anything. Next day morning was also very beautiful and I visited the garden again. That morning, the garden was decorated with more flowers and more serenity had filled the air. The beauty of the garden and the sweet smell of the flowers made me very happy. I saw a few girls walking ahead of me happily talking.

Their long black hair was adored with red rose flowers. Oh! what a great beauty has been added with those flowers, I thought. I had forgotten the previous day's incident and without any hesitation, my hands stretched to pluck some flowers. All of a sudden I saw some changes in the rose plants. They stopped dancing anymore and started to cry.

I could not realize what was happening. I turned towards them and asked,"what is happening.Why are you crying ?"
They answered: "you are again trying to pluck our flowers, right ?"
 I answered, "Yes. Why, is it a mistake what I am doing ?"
"Surely. You are doing a wrong thing" 
 I asked them in a soft voice. "If I am doing something wrong, what did those girls walking ahead of me do? They plucked many of your flowers and they are on their hair. What about that.?"
The answer surprised me" Yes,they have done a fine job. Wearing the flowers on their hair makes them look more beautiful and so many people could enjoy the beauty of those flowers. surely, people appreciate . What you did was plucking the flowers and throwing them on the road and crushing them with your sandals without any concern of their beauty! The people came after you also crushed them without any mercy !!If you had not plucked them,people would have appreciated their beauty and enjoyed the sweet smell,even if our flowers had a very short life."
 My hands withdrew automatically. At that moment I found a great truth of life. Even if a life is for a short period only, it should be useful and beneficial to others and not to be crushed mercilessly and uselessly.
Written by George Kurian-copy rights with the author.
(Thanks to our Chief Editor, George Kurian for this beautiful and very meaningful short story). New World

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