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Thursday, October 1, 2020

“I AM Sending you out like lambs among wolves” Lk 10:3-6

“Go on your way.  See, I am sending you out like lambs into the midst of wolves.  Carry no purse, no bag, no sandals, and greet no one on the road.  Whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace to this house!’ And if anyone is there who shares in Peace, your peace will rest on that person, but if not, it will return to you.  (Lk 10:3-6)


The Lord appointed seventy people for a mission.  He did not tell that the task would be an easy one because they will be like lambs among wolves in this work.  The Lord ordered them not to be preoccupied with the worldly things but remain focused.  They should promote peace and also accept the people’s hospitality. The Lord asked them to cure the sick, a sign of healing and say,   ‘The Kingdom of God is very near to you.’ (Mk 10: 3-6).

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Nothing is impossible to God



One summer, when the wind breeze slightly scorched my bare hands,
I traveled to one of the most beautiful paradise island I have ever seen.
While on ship, I was looking forward to see my cousin whom I haven't
seen since my birth because we lived in the city while she lived in
a far-away island.  The ship passed by Rollo island whose waves are
famed for its height and tempest!  I almost threw-up but thanks to
Dad who consoled me during that time.

Then the ship "Pearl of the Orient" docked in Danielle Harbor and I could
not believe the number of people who travelled that summer.  My Dad
who is always pragmatic and logical led me to a way so as not to bump
with the rogues and undesirables since I was about seventeen years old
that year, blooming and full of life!

We rode a bus and I missed Mum who did not go with us because of her
business in our home city.  I missed my brother, James who does not run
out of antics back home.  Well, of course  I missed my sisters who are like
Tres Marias, always asking who is the most beautiful of the three of them.
They are silent when I say jokingly, "It's me!"  Nevertheless, my Dad stopped
the bus and I woke up from my mesmerising thoughts.

Here she is, Helena was there!  My favorite cousin, about three years older
than myself.  I shouted, "Helena, how are you?"  I recognize her because of
the pictures Dad showed me before.  Helena responded, "Hyacinth, how
you have grown so fair and bubbly!"  With modesty, I told her, "Quiet,
Helena, others may hear and they may not realise you are joking!"  Helena
responded, "I was wondering you still not even have a boyfriend (whispering).
I replied, "That's what Dad knows!  Keep quiet, I will tell you at your place!"
And we both giggled that Dad grimaced, for he is an honorable man.  He hates

Helena takes care of my grandpa who is about 100 years old.  Grandpa is already
senile and he talks and talks and talks!  Helena has a lot of suitors but never plan
to marry, yet.  She always thinks about Grandpa's plight. 

How would I describe my cousin?  She is tanned, with big, beautiful brown eyes
while I got those doe, almond eyes, how I wish I had those big eyes, so attractive!
She is tall and smart-looking.  She is never domineering and she spoils me a lot.

Then, we went to the beach!  I know how to swim yet at that age, I was curious to
go to a slightly deeper area.  Suddenly, I felt my legs cramped and there was some
sort of force pulling me down!  I shouted, "Helena help me!"  Helena did not wast time,
she jumped to the water and risked her life to save me.  O' Cousin, I forgot to
tell you that there's some sort of a whirlpool close to that area.  I was busy talking
with Nena about our welcome party for you and Dad this weekend.  I replied, "Helena,
it was my fault, I went to a deeper area." 

Helena showed me the poem that I composed for Dad when I was about 10 years old.
She said, "I kept this poem that you composed for Uncle and I will keep this forever!"
I coaxed, "Are you that sentimental?" 

That's my cousin, Helena---the warm, sentimental, brave and compassionate cousin I
ever know, simple and beautiful of heart.  She is now living in US.  Helena, hope we
will meet again!

Morale:  Some people are just normally loving and compassionate!  When you meet them,
they enrich your life and they become a part of your very being.

Luke 1:49 "The Mighty One Has Done Great Things for Me""

"The Mighty One has done great things for me, and His name is holy."

For nothing is impossible for God!  A virgin carrying in her womb the Son of the Most High---it is a miracle so difficult to comprehend by unbelievers.

"Some miracles are not only incredible, they are downright beyond belief, almost." (Moments of Peace for the Morning, GRQ Inc, Minnesota).  Yes, we need the eyes of faith to believe this miracle!  It is beyond logic or reasoning.  Why?  We do not need to probe God, to experiment God's miracles!  We need only to seek Him with all our heart!  We do not need to wrench our brain trying to wield all explanations in the world why this happen.  God is God!  So, if it is God's plan, no one could thwart it in all the earth and the heavens.  But God could relent with His great Love and Mercy.  God offers us His forgiveness.  On the other hand, we have to leave our old ways, repent of our sins and seek Him relentlessly...Is that difficult?  No!!! All avenues of mercy were given to us.  

How about those who have followed all the rituals perfectly but deep in their hearts do not care for the poor, who do not love sincerely?  Remember the publican who prayed and was justified even though he was a sinner?  And the Pharisee who was not justified even though he followed all the laws of God but only to show off?  Let us pray today for the whole world that God may touch those people who still do not love Him and for those who do not love their neighbours.  It's only a miracle that can change the world.  And it starts with you, with ourselves, with our families.  It will happen if it's God's will...  All in the Most Holy Name of Jesus.  Amen

Cynthia Abegail

Happy Feast of St Therese of the Child Jesus: October 1


How lovely those fishes in the
water under the blue sky!
Label: pictures


                               SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!  THANKS
                     ABRAHAM G.


Somewhere in Milaor, Camarines Sur, there lived a fourth grader boy who would follow this route to school everyday: He has to cross the rugged plains and cross the dangerous highway where vehicles are recklessly driving to and from. Once past this highway, the boy would take a short cut, passing by the Church every morning just to say Hi to God, and faithfully say his, "Magandang umaga po" in Bicol dialect (Good morning in English. He was faithfully being watched by a Priest who was happy to find innocence so uplifting in the morning, "How are you Andoy, are you going to school? Yes Father... "he would flash his innocent grin, the priest would be touched. He was so concerned that one day he talked to Andoy. "From school...", he advised "Do not cross the highway, you can pass through the Church and I can accompany you to the other side of the road...that way I can see that you are home safe...." "Thank you father ... " Why don't you go home ... why do you stay in this church right after school?" "I just want to say 'Hi' to my friend, God," and then the priest would leave the boy to spend time beside the altar, talking to himself, but the priest was hiding behind the altar to listen to what this boy has to say to his heavenly FATHER. "You know my math exam was pretty bad today, but I did not cheat although my seatmate is bullying me for notes... I ate one cracker and drank my water, Dad had a bad season and all I can eat is this cracker. Thank you for this! I saw a poor kitten who was hungry and I know how he feels so I gave my last cracker to him ... funny but I am not that hungry. Look, this is my last pair of slippers ...I may have to walk barefoot next week, you see this is about to be broken... but it is least I am still going to school.... Some say we will have a hard season this month, some of my classmates have already stopped going to school .... please help them get to school again, please God? Oh, I think I am in love ... there's this pretty girl in my class, her name is Anita ... do you think she will like me? Anyway, at least I know you will always like me, I don't have to be anybody just to please you, you are my very best friend! Oh, it's your birthday two days from now. This routine happens everyday. Andoy never fails. Father Agaton shares this every Sunday to the people in his church because he has not seen a very pure faith and trust in God, a very positive look at negative situations. One Christmas day, Father Agaton was sick so he could not make it in the Church, he was sent to the hospital. The Church was left to 4 manangs who would chant the rosary in 1000 miles per hour, would not smile and would always find fault in what you do, they were also very well versed in cursing if you irritate them! They were kneeling, saying their kilometric rosary when Andoy, coming from his Christmas party, playfully dashed in. "Hello God! I ......" The old women were annoyed and asked him to leave. Poor Andoy was so terrified, "Where's Father Agaton? He is supposed to help me cross the street ... and to be able to cross the street I will have to pass by the back door of this church ...not only that, I have to greet Jesus. It is His birthday, I have a gift right here.... " Just as he was about to get the gift out of his shirt, the old lady nudge him away. He crossed the highway; there was a blind curve. The boy was protecting his gift inside his shirt,so he was not looking. There was so little time. Andoy died on the spot. A lot of people crowded the poor boy, the body of a lifeless young boy ... Suddenly, out of nowhere a tall man in a pure white shirt and pants, a face so mild and gentle, but with eyes full of tears... He came and carried the boy in His arms. He was crying. Curious bystanders nudged the man in white, and asked, "Excuse me sir, are you related to this child? Do you know this child?" The man in white, His face mourning and in agony, looked up and answered, "He was my best friend .... " was all he said. He took the badly wrapped gift in the bloody chest of the lifeless boy, and placed it near His heart. He stood up and carried the boy away and they both disappeared in sight. Adapted: Jeramaine Ilago (Thanks Jeramaine for this touching and meaningful story. Very good). New World


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with passion put to use
In my old griefs and with my childhood's faith
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints, I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life!- and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.
-Elizabeth Barret-Browning

(Thanks to Thomas Philip Ranni for sending this
poem of one of the greatest poetess of all time,
Elizabeth Barret-Browning.  Excellent choice).
New World

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

“Our Father”. The greatest prayer: Reflection by Cynthia Abegail

 Our Father

There are special characteristics of our Father.  A father is loving and compassionate.  As we can feel, our Heavenly Father   is always by our side.  He never abandon us despite of our sinfulness.

Our Father always provides!  We only have to trust Him with all of our hearts.  Sometimes, we do not see his works, but just the sending of angels to us especially if we are in danger is already of great help.  As we are not battling with enemies in the flesh but of evil spirits in the wicked places, our beloved God endured that we are covered.

Our Father forgives us unlimited times as long as we repent of our sins and come back to Him.  God knows that we are sinners and we are all weak and vulnerable.  He gives us chances to amend our lives.  God’s Mercy is deeper than the ocean and higher than the heavens.  All are baffled by unconditional mercy of our Almighty Father.

Our Father is just!  He is loving but just at the same time.  We also incur the consequences of sin.  His love involves discipline.  Our Father likes us to move from being wayward and wild children to be righteous and loving heirs to His Kingdom.

Praise be to God Almighty Father!


The Lord is my tower and He gives me the power

Happy Feast of the Archangels September 29

   St Michael, St Gabriel and St Raphael  the Archangels

    Pic Credit:  my (Thanks)


Lovely! It's beauty could not be

expressed in words... God's creation! (Thanks Sr Elsie Baby for

this wonderful picture). New World



“My Power is made perfect in weakness” Reflection forwarded by Prayer Aid

But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.  2 Cor 12:9
We are human, we get angry, we stay angry for a while, we are easily hurt, our minds wonder when we pray, and so much more.  There is only one solution to this problem of being ‘human’ -  every time we are unset, let us slowly put aside that feeling and turn our gaze to Jesus.  It may take time, for added to our negative feeling we are also stubborn!   It does not matter – let us just be in the process of wanting to turn our gaze to Jesus and get rid of the negative feelings… the moment we look at Him, that’s the time His power begins to work in us…This is also a way to come close to the Lord.  (I totally agree, Jane that God’s Power is strongest when we focus on Lord Jesus.  God is pleased with the humble, not with the proud.  Excellent reflection, as usual).  Cynthia Abegail—New World.